Striving for Balance: Global Health and Economic Well-Being

Former Ebola czar on how to make the tough choices during the Coronavirus pandemic.

  • April 23rd 2020

America needs to put politics aside when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, says Ron Klain. That’s one lesson Klain learned from his work with the deadly Ebola virus. Klain was White House Ebola response coordinator under President Obama. Another critical lesson: science should guide decision-making. He speaks with Aspen Institute President Dan Porterfield about the delicate balance of reopening the US economy and keeping people safe.

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Striving for Balance: Global Health and Economic Well-Being

  • Ronald Klain
  • Dan Porterfield

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Pick up where Ron Klain and Dan Porterfield left off during their conversation by learning more about how to protect both human and economic health.

• Watch Ron Klain onstage at Aspen Ideas: Health with other public health experts, explaining how to prevent epidemics before they start.

• Check out 20 ways to support health care workers as they battle Coronavirus on the front lines.

• Stay up-to-date on the CDC's guidelines for preventing the spread of Coronavirus.


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