RE$ET Breakout: Hope Within Context — Mythbusters Workshop on Getting to Net Zero

From renewables to carbon pricing, electric cars to planting trees, what will actually keep our world from warming more than 2 degrees Celsius? You might be surprised. Take part in an interactive workshop and discover real-time solutions to climate change.

  • February 23rd 2021
Breakout Hopewithin Netzero Neg
Hope Within Context: Mythbusters Workshop on Getting to Net Zero

PUSH PLAY to watch a workshop with Andrew Jones of Climate Interactive. He will deploy his firm’s smart simulator to explore in real time system-wide solutions to climate change. Type your questions below.

  • Andrew Jones

Up Next: 2PM EST

Mariana Mazzucato, Professor in the Economics of Innovation and Public Value at University College London, speaks with Stephanie Flanders, Senior Executive Editor for Economics at Bloomberg, about Mazzucato's book, Mission Economy: A Moonshot Guide to Changing Capitalism. Take part in their conversation, A Mission-Oriented Approach to Stakeholder Capitalism.

Tuesday schedule

Later this afternoon, watch our final online plenary, Resetting U.S.'s Role in the Global Economy. Plus, we're holding more live, interactive breakout sessions. Check out the full schedule.

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