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Imran Khan AIH 2019

“Up until now, weve lacked a real global picture of how people feel about science and health.”

Imran Khan Head of Public Engagement, Wellcome Trust (Festival Underwriter)
Jerry Blassingame AIH 2019

“Those who are closest to the problem are closest to the solution.”

Jerry Blassingame Founder and CEO, Soteria Community Development Corporation
Afternoon of Conversation 2018

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Dariush Mozaffarian AIH 2019

“We are drowning in diet-related illness that is entirely preventable.”

Dariush Mozaffarian Cardiologist; Dean and Jean Mayer Professor, Friedman School of Nutrit...
Rosalind Brewer 2019 AIF

“Starbucks is the type of company that has a very strong social impact position.”

Rosalind Brewer COO and Group President, Starbucks
Is Immortality the Goal AIH 2019

“We need to be thinking about how youre going to live a longer life from childhood.”

Susan Golden Director, dciX, Stanford University
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Unconventional Approaches in Healthcare

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