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The Fifteenth Finale Closing AIF 2019

“Music and art at its best is about life — it is not just about the notes.”

Jon Batiste Musician; Bandleader and Musical Director, "The Late Show with Stephen...
Katherine Gehl 2019 AIF

“The needs of the political industrial complex simply don’t align with the true needs of the country.”

Katherine Gehl Co-Chair, National Association of Non-Partisan Reformers; Co-Founder,...
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Reproductive Rights: Still a Battleground AIH 2019

“I don’t know a culture in the world that is equitable. Time to change.”

Agnes Binagwaho Vice Chancellor, University of Global Health Equity; Senior Lecturer,...
Lori Gottlieb 2019 AIF

“You have two ears and one mouth. Theres a reason for that ratio.”

Lori Gottlieb Psychotherapist; Columnist, Dear Therapist, The Atlantic; Author, Mayb...
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