Viant is a proud underwriter of the 2024 Aspen Ideas Festival.

Viant is a leading people-based, advertising technology company that enables marketers to plan, execute and measure omnichannel ad campaigns through a cloud-based platform. Our self-service Demand Side Platform powers programmatic advertising across Connected TV, Linear TV, mobile, desktop, audio, gaming and digital out-of-home channels.

Digital advertising is in the midst of a seismic shift. The landscape is becoming increasingly more complex, and marketers are looking for ways to navigate these dynamic changes in an effective way. As advancements in A.I. initiatives bring our industry to a turning point, Viant is integrating generative A.I. technologies into our platform, and we are excited to deliver on our product vision that we call “Autonomous Advertising.”

Our new A.I. suite and future product advancements, unveiled at our inaugural Innovation event, streamline the complexities of digital advertising, bringing the ease-of-use characteristic of paid search and social media, where anyone can sign-up and buy ads without barriers to entry, to the purchase and measurement of programmatic advertising.

As an organization committed to sustainability, Viant achieved a significant milestone by attaining carbon neutrality for the calendar year 2023. This was achieved by strategic collaborations with cloud providers to source renewable energy for powering our platform when feasible, while also purchasing carbon offsets and renewable energy credits, which help to increase the broader supply of renewable energy throughout the United States. We have focused plans to advance our sustainability efforts this year with the growth and expansion of our Adtricity program guided by an action-first approach to sustainability.

In the past year, Viant was recognized by G2 as a Leader in the DSP category and as the Best Software in Marketing & Advertising, earned Great Place to Work® certification, and became a founding member of Ad Net Zero in the U.S. Our Co-Founders Tim and Chris Vanderhook are also past recipients of EY’s Entrepreneurs of the Year award.

To learn more, visit viantinc.com.

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