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We're Valor — a different kind of private investment firm. We pioneered the idea of operational growth.

More than 25 years ago, we got our start tech-enabling industrial companies. We built the fastest connectors in the world — the backbone of the internet. As entrepreneurs, we built our own desks, and we still use them today.

We applied this entrepreneurial and operational growth mindset to tech-enable warehouses, assembly lines, and restaurants. We helped production move faster. We helped people work smarter. We found efficiencies and fine-tuned processes. And we grew our companies dramatically.

Today, we continue to invest in technology and technology-enabled companies that innovate and disrupt existing industries — from biosciences to transportation to food to health and wellness. We’ve had the honor of serving some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs and companies.

Working shoulder to shoulder with exceptional entrepreneurs we seek to serve companies making the world a better place.

Let’s grow together.

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