The role of business is to create prosperity by serving customers, making a profit, creating jobs and improving communities. For Allstate, this starts with Our Shared Purpose, which articulates our strategic vision, values, principles and priorities.

Allstate is the only company with four distinct value propositions for property-liability insurance. Acquiring SquareTrade and InfoArmor has positioned Allstate to meet consumers’ growing protection needs. One of our longer-term aspirations is to reduce personal transportation costs for consumers, including working with ride-sharing companies and creating new businesses.

Reinventing protection requires Allstate to innovate, take risks and create change, not just react to trends. For example, with QuickFoto Claim®, auto insurance claims are now settled in hours instead of days. We have also incorporated artificial intelligence and aerial imagery to assist with catastrophe response, leading to Allstate being named to Fortune’s Change the World list.   

Allstate’s culture is based on integrity, inclusive diversity and empowering people. Employee engagement is high because helping customers navigate unexpected and unwanted events is rewarding. Over 32,000 Allstaters have clarified their personal purpose through our Energy for Life workshops. Allstate is pleased to be named among the World’s Most Ethical Companies by Ethisphere.

Empowering others helps fulfill our responsibility to build stronger communities. Allstate’s philanthropy has enabled over 6 million youth to volunteer in their communities and helped victims of domestic violence free themselves from abuse. 

All of us at Allstate are thankful for the opportunity to make a difference in society!

Allstate Mobile Claim Centers Help Support California Wildfire Victims | Community Impact

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