Aic22 Caminos Ximena

Ximena Caminos

Curator; Founder, The ReefLine

Ximena Caminos is a nontraditional curator, cultural agitator and philanthropist. She is the artistic visionary planner for Miami’s The Underline public art project and founder of ReefLine, a seven-mile, underwater public sculpture park off the coast of Miami Beach. Promoting ocean conservation and combating climate change, Caminos is the founder of cross-disciplinary cultural platform HoneyLab; founder of BlueLab Preservation Society, a nonprofit preserving marine ecosystems; co-founder of Aorist blockchain technology for social good; and an adviser for ClimateCoin carbon-trading cryptocurrency. Previously, Caminos was the artistic director and chair of Faena Art as well as a partner and chief creative officer of Faena Group.

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