Wendy Mitchell 0

Wendy Mitchell

Founder and Cheese Maker, Avalanche Cheese Company, Meat and Cheese Restaurant and Farm Shop, and Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar

Wendy Mitchell is owner and founder of Avalanche Cheese Company, which she started in 2008 with a goat dairy in Paonia, CO, and a creamery in Basalt, CO. She opened Meat & Cheese Restaurant and Farm Shop in Aspen in 2014, adding Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar in spring 2016. Her company added a USDA meat processing plant in 2014 to make dry-cured salami. Mitchell has worked in the food world her entire career. She started Mission Burritos in Houston, managed fine dining at four-star hotels and private clubs, did extensive research into Dallas bars and clubs in college, and worked at a Hickory Farms mall outlet while in high school.

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