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Tom Pritzker

Chairman and CEO, The Pritzker Organization; Executive Chairman, Hyatt Hotels Corporation

Tom Pritzker is executive chairman of Hyatt Hotels Corporation and chairman and CEO of The Pritzker Organization, his family’s merchant bank. Over his career, he’s been involved in acquiring and building companies in different industries and founding companies in container leasing (Triton), venture biotech and pharma (Bay City Capital and Reliant), cable operations (Hargray), cruise (Royal Caribbean), and hotels (Hyatt). Pritzker chairs the Center for Strategic and International Studies and is an Aspen Strategy Group member. Active in the sciences, he most recently helped conceptualize the nation’s first school of molecular engineering at the University of Chicago. An amateur Chinese history scholar and honorary history professor at Sichuan University, he leads archeological expeditions in China, India, and Nepal and publishes research on Buddhist Himalayan history.

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