Aic23 Djacbou Deugoue Sylvie

Sylvie Djacbou Deugoue

Forest Campaigner, Greenpeace Africa; Founder and Executive President, Youth In Action

Sylvie Djacbou Deugoue is a forest campaigner with Greenpeace Africa. She is also the founder and executive president of Youth In Action. Deugoue’s work focuses on protecting the Congo Basin’s forest and people by campaigning and advocating for stronger policies that consider forest communities' land rights and well-being. This includes documenting and exposing land grabbing and deforestation’s effect on climate, law violations, and the limitations of the economic development model of deforestation. A 2022 Aspen Institute New Voices fellow, Deugoue holds four master's degrees and is pursuing a doctorate in sustainable economic growth.

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