Aic23 Desposito Stephen

Stephen D'Esposito

President and CEO, Regeneration; President and CEO, RESOLVE

Stephen D'Esposito is president and CEO of Regeneration, a B-corp start-up that produces biodiversity, community, and climate-positive minerals for the energy transition, green tech, and sustainable brands. He is also president and CEO of RESOLVE, a nongovernmental organization that works on sustainable solutions to social, health, and environmental challenges. A solutions strategist and trained policy advocate, D’Esposito helps partners envision, design, and implement innovative solutions to sustainability challenges. Previously, he was CEO of EARTHWORKS, chaired the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on the Future of Mining and Metals, and held senior positions at Greenpeace, including leading its International Executive Committee. In addition to serving on a number of boards and advisory groups, D’Esposito is board chair of WildTech™, a conservation technology start-up, and created Salmon Gold™.

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