Sh2022 Wescott Siobhan

Siobhan Wescott

Endowed Professor and Director of American Indian Health, College of Public Health, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Siobhan Wescott is endowed professor and director of American Indian health in the College of Public Health at University of Nebraska Medical Center. A public health physician and advocate for Native Americans and health equity, Wescott’s roots are planted in Alaska Native history, with her family decimated by tuberculosis and Indian boarding schools designed to eradicate Native culture. From the tiny cabin near Fairbanks, Alaska, where she was raised Westcott went on to education at Dartmouth, UCLA School of Public Health, and Harvard Medical School. Her work addresses systemic barriers between Native Americans and better health and representation in the health care workforce. An office photo of the dirt road to her family’s cabin keeps Wescott grounded in the challenges facing Native and rural communities.

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