Aic23 Raghu Mokkapati Sathya

Sathya Raghu V. Mokkapati

Co-Founder and President, CosmosGreen; Co-Founder and President, Kheyti

Sathya Raghu V. Mokkapati is co-founder and president of CosmosGreen, an organization he started in 2011 to work toward the emancipation of small and marginal farmers from poverty by using an inclusive development model of partnership with farmers. He also co-founded and leads Kheyti, which delivers micro-greenhouses to smallholder farmers to increase their climate-resilient incomes. A chartered account, Mokkapati has taught accounting, auditing, and finance to thousands of students. He was a 2020 TED Fellow, 2018 Rainer Arnhold Fellow, 2016 Aspen New Voices Fellow, and 2014 Acumen Fellow. In 2021, Mokkapati spoke at the TED Countdown Summit ahead of COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland. Kheyti won the 2022 Earthshot Prize in the Protect and Restore Nature category, an award of one million British pounds and support to scale its greenhouse-in-a-box climate solution.

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