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Sarah Corley

Chief Medical Advisor, Center for Enterprise Modernization, MITRE

Sarah Corley is the chief medical advisor for the Center for Enterprise Modernization at MITRE, supporting U.S. federal agencies in addressing health care challenges. Previously, as chief medical officer for NextGen Healthcare Systems, an electronic health record vendor, Corley guided the executive team on clinical aspects of products and services, managed physician consultants, oversaw regulatory and industry affairs, and ensured patient safety through quality management processes. Corley has held leadership positions in organizations including the American College of Physicians, Electronic Health Record Association, and American Medical Informatics Association. She has contributed to research on leveraging health information technology for quality improvement; has expertise in regulatory oversight, physician compliance, patient safety, and workflow optimization; and has over 30 years of experience as a primary care internist. (MITRE is a 2024 Festival Underwriter)

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