Sam Killerman

Sam Killermann

Comedian; Director of Creativity, Hues; Author, The Social Justice Advocate's Handbook: A Guide to Gender

Sam Killermann is a multi-disciplinary artist and director of creativity for Hues, which works toward the goal of global justice. As a social-justice comedian, he performs and writes It’s Pronounced Metrosexual, a comedy show and blog. He is co-creator of, an online resource for education on gender, sexuality, and LGBTQ identities. And he’s the co-performer of S.E.X., a live sex-education show for adults. Killermann has given three TEDxTalks, is the author of A Guide to Gender, and co-author of Unlocking the Magic of Facilitation. His work on gender and sexuality issues has been featured in TIME, The Atlantic, HuffPost, The New York Times, Slate, Wired,and others.

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