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Salvador Gomez

Teen Changemaker; Climate-Resilience and Youth-Empowerment Advocate

Salvador Gómez-Colón is a teenage climate-resilience and youth-empowerment advocate from San Juan, Puerto Rico. In 2017 after Hurricane Maria, he created Light and Hope for Puerto Rico, raising $200,000 to distribute solar-powered lamps and hand-crank washing machines to 3,500 families. Since then, Gómez-Colón has launched other climate-resilience initiatives including responses to Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas and the 2020 Puerto Rico earthquakes. A member of Marvel’s Hero Project, he’s received a Diana Award for inspirational youth achievement, a President's Environmental Youth Award from the EPA, and was named one of the World Economic Forum’s Ten Teenage Changemakers and TIME’s 30 Most Influential Teens. Gómez-Colón publishes opinion writing and has contributed to TIME, The Independent, and CNN Business, among others.

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