Aic23 Saha Sagatom

Sagatom Saha

Adjunct Research Scholar, Center on Global Energy Policy, Columbia University

Sagatom Saha is a research scholar at the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University, focusing on climate, trade, and geopolitics. Prior to this, he served in the international trade administration at the US Department of Commerce. Saha was also chief of staff for former US Secretary of State Kerry’s energy team and led on commercial competitiveness, nuclear energy, and bilateral partnerships. A Fulbright researcher in Kyiv, Ukraine, he advised the parliament and ministries on energy-reform strategies. Earlier in his career, Saha helped direct the Council on Foreign Relations energy security and climate change program. The author of over 50 op-eds and policy papers, his recognition includes being named a Grist 50 Fixer, New America AAPI next generation national security and foreign policy leader, and a Stanford US-Russia Forum climate and environment fellow.

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