Sh2023 Tandon Ramita

Ramita Tandon

Chief Clinical Trials Officer, Walgreens

Ramita Tandon is chief clinical trials officer at Walgreens, where she is responsible for leading and driving growth for the company’s new clinical trials business. Working across health care and life sciences to enable next-generation clinical trials so that breakthrough treatments reach patients faster, her team focuses on improving access, awareness, and trust by matching diverse patient populations to sponsor-led trials and reducing operational complexities and patient burdens. Tandon believes a best-in-class operating model can deliver gains in operations and forge stronger connections with all stakeholders, including biopharmaceutical companies, health care systems, and payers. Tandon was named to Drug Store News’s Top Women in Health, Wellness & Beauty 2022 for Business Excellence, Fierce Healthcare’s 2022 Women of Influence, and the 2018 PharmaVOICE 100.

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