Altijani Osman Abbakar Noon Aih2019

Noon Altijani Osman Abbakar

Physician; PhD Candidate, Global Health, Oxford University

Noon Altijani Osman Abbakar is a Sudanese physician and doctoral candidate in population health at University of Oxford. Her current research addresses maternal mortality, health services and systems, capacity-building and empowerment, and health care in sub-Saharan Africa. Altijani has delivered clinical care and organized community outreach initiatives in Sudan and South Africa. She has also helped evaluate health programs in Sudan, published on global health topics, shared policy recommendations with policy-makers and parliamentarians, and presented her work in conferences, speeches, and TV appearances. Altijani is a Fellow of the US Institute for Student Leaders, alumnus of the Tallories network, Mandela Washington Fellow, Women Deliver Young Leader, and One Young World ambassador.

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