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Noam Hassenfeld

Co-Creator and Host, “Unexplainable,” Vox

Noam Hassenfeld is co-creator and host of Vox’s “Unexplainable” podcast, a weekly science show that was selected as one of The New York Times’ best of 2022. The topics he’s covered for the show range from artificial intelligence to space exploration to dinosaur sounds, and he also composes the show’s music. Previously at Vox, Hassenfeld was senior producer of special projects (working on developing new podcasts), a founding reporter and producer for the “Today, Explained” podcast, and co-creator of “Today, Explained to Kids.” Prior to joining Vox, he worked as a producer for “Latino USA” and “In the Thick” at Futuro Media Group, composed music for video games, and taught third-grade science.

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