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Nicol Turner Lee

Senior Fellow and Director, Center for Technology Innovation, Brookings Institution

Nicol Turner Lee is a senior fellow in governance studies, director of the Center for Technology Innovation, and co-editor-in-chief of the TechTank blog and podcast at the Brookings Institution. Turner Lee's research addresses equitable access to technology across the U.S. and abroad, and her Brookings portfolio includes leading institutional research and public policy work focused on the identification and mitigation of online biases in artificial intelligence systems. Turner Lee’s book on the U.S. digital divide, “Digitally Invisible: How the Internet is Creating the New Underclass,” will be published in 2024. She has appeared in various news media, testified before Congress and international global governance bodies, and written extensively on tech and telecom issues. In 2022, Turner Lee was recognized for distinguished career contributions by the American Sociological Association. 

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