Sh2022 Aburawi Mohamed

Mohamed Aburawi

Founder and CEO, Speetar

Mohamed Aburawi is founder and CEO of Speetar, an AI-enabled telehealth platform. Piloted in Libya and currently being scaled across the Middle East and Africa, Speetar links underserved patients in low-resource settings to a global pool of culture- and language-matched medical specialists. Prior to founding Speetar, Abuwari was a senior transplant surgery fellow at Harvard Medical School's Center of Engineering in Medicine, leading the design and development of a novel discarded human kidney reconditioning system. Earlier, he founded front-line mobile surgical units during the 2011 Libyan Revolution. Abuwari’s work has been featured by Forbes, the BBC, Aljazeera, and NPR. He has been named a Gates Foundation Goalkeeper, Aspen Institute Fellow, and Ashoka Visionary for leveraging digital technologies to enable health care delivery in low-resource settings.

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