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Masih Alinejad

Journalist; Women's Rights Activist

Masih Alinejad is an Iranian-American journalist and women's rights activist. In 2021, Alinejad co-founded World Liberty Congress to unite dissidents and pro-democracy activists. In 2014, she launched the My Stealthy Freedom/White Wednesday campaign against compulsory veiling, which has become the largest civil disobedience campaign in the Islamic Republic’s history. Forced to leave Iran after the crackdown on protests against the disputed presidential elections in 2009, Alinejad’s activism against Iran's government has resulted in attempts on her life in the United States. She began her professional career as a parliamentary journalist in Tehran. Alinejad’s memoir is “The Wind in My Hair.” Her honors include American Jewish Committee’s Moral Courage Award, John McCain’s Freedom Award and being named Time’s Woman of the Year.

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