Aic23 Anderson Marina

Marina Anderson

Director, Sustainable Southeast (Alaska) Partnership

Marina Anderson is director of the Sustainable Southeast Partnership, tasked with coordinating a collective impact network in southeast Alaska that supports community-identified goals and projects helping communities reach self-sustainability through localized food security, energy independence, economic growth, habitat restoration and management, and more. Previously, she was executive director of the Organized Village of Kasaan, an independent sovereign tribal nation, and worked in the tribal administration of Kasaan since 2013. Anderson got started in tribal politics through her involvement growing up with the Alaska Native Sisterhood, along with time spent with tribal councils and Alaska Native corporations in their board rooms. She focuses on understanding community needs and addressing them with sustainable solutions that are based on traditional (ecological and social) knowledge and values. Anderson’s Tlingit clan is Taakw.aeneidi, and her Haida clan is Gaw Kaywaas.

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