Aif24 Pevchikh Maria

Maria Pevchikh

Journalist; Chairwoman and Investigations Head, Anti-Corruption Foundation

Maria Pevchikh is head of the investigations department at the Anti-Corruption Foundation, a Russian nonprofit founded by opposition politician Alexei Navalny to investigate and expose the cases of corruption among the Russian elites. She is also chairwoman of the board. During her 13-year tenure, Pevchikh has authored over 100 investigations, most notably of Vladimir Putin’s private palace on the Black Sea which has over 120 million views on YouTube and earned her the Redkollegia journalism award. Pevchikh is also editor in chief and a presenter of the Navalny team’s YouTube channels, a network of independent Russian-language news channels with over 15 million monthly viewers, and executive producer of the Oscar-winning CNN/HBO documentary “Navalny.”

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