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Lisa Dyson

Founder and CEO, Air Protein; Founder, Kiverdi

Lisa Dyson is founder and CEO of Air Protein, reinventing food production to sustainably feed the world through a process that makes meat from elements of the air. A mission-driven entrepreneur, she is also founder of Kiverdi, a biotechnology company working to realize the circular economy by using microbes to turn carbon dioxide and carbon-rich waste, like wood and agricultural residue, into sustainable products for commercial applications. Previously, Dyson was a management consultant at Boston Consulting Group. She has conducted research in bioengineering, physics, and energy at several universities, delivered several TED talks, and appeared on PBS’s “Nova.” Dyson’s recognition includes being named to Inc. Magazine’s 2019 Top 100 Female Founders list and receiving the 2018 Women in Natural Sciences Award.

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