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Lisa Damour

Psychologist, Author, "The Emotional Lives of Teenagers"

Lisa Damour, a psychologist with the Untangled Media Group, is the author of “Untangled,” “Under Pressure,” and “The Emotional Lives of Teenagers.” She co-hosts the “Ask Lisa” podcast, collaborates with UNICEF, and is recognized as a thought leader by the American Psychological Association. Damour contributes to The New York Times and CBS News and created “Untangling 10to20,” a digital library of content to support teens and those who care for them. She is senior advisor to the Schubert Center for Child Studies at Case Western Reserve University and has written numerous academic papers, chapters, and books related to education and child development. She maintains a clinical practice and speaks to schools, professional organizations, and corporate groups on child and adolescent development, family mental health, and adult well-being. Damour was a consultant to Pixar on the film “Inside Out 2.”

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