Aif23 Ibrahim Lila

Lila Ibrahim

Chief Operating Officer, Google DeepMind

Lila Ibrahim is the chief operating officer of Google DeepMind, an A.I. research company working to advance science and benefit humanity, where she chairs the cross-functional responsibility and A.I. for Good initiatives. She is also the co-founder and chair of education-technology nonprofit Team4Tech. Prior to this, Ibrahim was president, chief business officer, and chief operating officer of Coursera. Previously, she was chief of staff at Kleiner Perkins and a board member at Gannett. Ibrahim was named to U.K. Business Insider's 2019 Most Influential Leaders Shaping Business Tech and Most Interesting and Impactful Women in Tech lists. In 2021, she was appointed to the U.K. A.I. council and honored as a distinguished engineering alumna by Purdue University.

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