Reddy Lata Aif2020

Lata Reddy

Senior Vice President of Inclusive Solutions, Prudential Financial; Chair, The Prudential Foundation

Lata Reddy is senior vice president of inclusive solutions at Prudential Financial and chair of The Prudential Foundation. In these roles, she harnesses the power of capital markets to drive financial and social mobility. Prior to joining Prudential in 1997, she was a civil rights attorney with the US Department of Education. Reddy currently chairs the Newark Alliance and serves on the boards of several organizations, including Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation and Living Cities. She’s an advisory board member of My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, an Obama Foundation program, and a fellow of the Aspen Global Leaders Network. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Reddy was named to the Newark Reopening and Recovery Strikeforce in 2020, leading the Economic Recovery Committee. (Prudential is a 2023 Festival Underwriter)


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