Karan Lakshmi Aif2020

Lakshmi Karan

Co-Founder and CEO, Future Frontiers Institute

​Lakshmi Karan is co-founder and CEO of Future Frontiers Institute, established to ensure sustainable, responsible, and equitable space development with a near-term focus on human settlements on the Moon. She is an advisor to the Space Portal Office at NASA’s Ames Research Center, which incubated Future Frontiers, and founder of IKIGAI Insights, which offers expertise to nonprofit, foundation, and business leaders. Throughout her career, Karan has helped purpose-driven organizations and individuals set visions and deliver large-scale impact. Previously, she was head of corporate charitable giving at Genetech and executive director of the Genetech Foundation, director of global strategy for UK-based social enterprise Riders for Health, director of impact assessment, learning, and utilization at the Skoll Foundation, and a program consultant at Reebok.

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