Quitugua Kin Aif2018

Kin Quitugua

Master Falconer; Founder and Executive Director, Hawkquest

Kin Quitugua is a master falconer and founder, in 1986, of HawkQuest, a nonprofit committed to environmental awareness through participatory, classroom-in-the-wild programs for all ages.Hehas trained, handled, and flown birds of prey including the bald and golden eagles and the saw-whet owl. Having taught from preschool to university levels, Quituguahas for more than 20 years dedicated himself to educating the public about the place of raptors in ourecology. He has received national recognition for his work and has appeared on local and national television programs, including with Tom Brokaw of NBC News. Quituguaalso consults for organizations that promote the welfare of birds of prey.

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