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Kaitlin Curtice

Award-winning author, poet-storyteller, and public speaker

Kaitlin Curtice is an author, poet, storyteller, and public speaker. An enrolled citizen of the Potawatomi Nation, she writes about the intersection of spirituality and identity and how that shifts throughout life. Curtice also speaks at festivals and conferences on topics such as colonialism in faith communities and the importance of interfaith relationships. A writer at The Liminality Journal, her work has also appeared in Sojourners, Religion News Service, USA Today, and Oprah Daily, among others. Curtice is the author of Glory Happening: Finding the Divine in Everyday Places and Native: Identity, Belonging, and Rediscovering God. Her latest book is Living Resistance: An Indigenous Vision for Seeking Wholeness Every Day. Curtice’s honors include Foreword INDIES 2020 Book of the Year, 2021 Georgia Author of the Year, and 2021 Midwest Book awards.

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