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Jonathan Blitzer

Staff Writer, The New Yorker; Author, “Everyone Who Is Gone Is Here”

Jonathan Blitzer is a staff writer at The New Yorker, where he has been a contributing writer or staff member since 2013. Previously, Blitzer was a contributing columnist to the International New York Times, a freelance journalist, a magazine editor and a culture reporter for The Wall Street Journal, among other roles. He is the author of “Everyone Who Is Gone Is Here: The United States, Central America, and the Making of a Crisis,” about the migrant issue and border crisis. His reporting and essays have also appeared in The Nation, The Atlantic, and The New Republic, among others. A 2021 Emerson Fellow at New America, Blitzer’s honors include an Edward R. Murrow Award, the 2018 Immigration Journalism Prize and a National Award for Education Reporting.

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