Bervell Joel Aih24

Joel Bervell

Host, "The Dose" Podcast

Joel Bervell is a science communicator widely recognized as the “Medical Mythbuster.” A Ghanaian American medical student, Bervell is the host of “The Dose” podcast with the Commonwealth Fund. Through social media content, he addresses racial disparities, the hidden history of medicine, and biases in health care. With over one million followers across social media, Bervell enlightens audiences about health care's neglect of marginalized groups through stories and studies. He has served on councils including the White House’s Health Care Leaders in Social Media and the Council for Responsible Social Media and has collaborated with the Surgeon General's Office, World Health Organization, American Medical Association, and numerous other health organizations. Bervell was honored as a 2024 TED Fellow, Smithsonian Channel Cyclebreaker, Scientific American Revolutionary, Seattle Forbes 30 Under 30, and others.

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