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Jennifer Bushman

Sustainable Seafood Consultant; Chief Marketing Officer, Kvarøy Arctic; Co-Founder, Fed by Blue

Jennifer Bushman is a sustainable seafood expert, communicator and strategist who champions ethical aquaculture, seeking to transform the food system, preserve oceans and offset carbon emissions. She is chief marketing officer for Kvarøy Arctic, a sustainable salmon company, and has worked with other brands including Pacific Catch and Fair Trade U.S.A. Fish and Seafood. Bushman launched the nonprofit Fed by Blue, which educates consumers on the importance of foods from water. She serves on the boards of numerous ocean advocacy organizations, including Alexandra Cousteau’s Oceans 2050 and the Marine Mammal Center, and is executive impact producer for the forthcoming PBS docuseries, “Hope in the Water.” Bushman has been recognized by the James Beard Foundation and International Association of Culinary Professionals.

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