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J. Craig Venter

Co-Founder, Executive Chairman, and CEO, Human Longevity Inc.; Author, Life at the Speed of Light

J. Craig Venter is a scientist and leader in genomic research. In 2013, he co-founded Human Longevity Inc., a genomics-based health intelligence company empowering proactive health care where he serves as CEO and executive chairman. He is also founder, chairman, and CEO of the J. Craig Venter Institute, a nonprofit genomic research organization, and co-founder, executive chairman, and co-chief scientist of Synthetic Genomics, which develops products and solutions including sustainable biofuels, vaccines, biotherapeutics, and transplantable organs. The recipient of numerous honorary degrees and scientific awards, including the 2007 National Medal of Science, Venter has published two books: A Life Decoded and Life at the Speed of Light.

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