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Holly Maloney

Managing Director, General Catalyst

Holly Maloney is managing director at General Catalyst, where she focuses on investments in health care and enterprise companies and leads GC’s health care investment practice responsible for delivering on the promise of Health Assurance, the health care industry’s evolution from a “sick care” system to a resilient, proactive Health Assurance system designed to help people stay well, bend the cost curve, and make quality care more affordable and accessible to all. Her portfolio of investments includes Allego, Material Bank, Predictive Index, Ribbon Health, Sondermind, Teamworks, Tempo, Transcarent, and Maven. Prior to General Catalyst, Maloney was a principal at Guidepost Growth Equity, focusing on companies operating with highly scalable revenue models that could include subscriptions, transactions, and high margin services. Maloney earlier worked at America’s Growth Capital, where she advised technology companies.

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