Aic24 Kelley Hilton

Hilton Kelley

Founder and Director, Community In-Power and Development Association

Hilton Kelley is an environmental justice leader on the Texas Gulf Coast. He is founder and director of Community In-Power and Development Association, a nonprofit that collects scientific data about pollution, educates residents and fights for the right to clean air in his native Port Arthur, Texas, a refinery and chemical manufacturing town whose residents are overwhelmingly low-income people of color. Kelley is a former screen actor, youth activist, electrician, and officer in the U.S. Navy. He has testified before the Texas Legislature and U.S. Senate, addressed UNESCO and met with President Obama. He served on the EPA’s National Environmental Justice Advisory Council and the Southwest Regional Health Equity Council. Kelley received the Sierra Club Lone Star Chapter’s Environmental Justice Award, the Ben & Jerry Award for Environmental Activism and the Goldman Environmental Prize.

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