Paulson Henry Aif2020

Henry Paulson, Jr.

Chairman, The Paulson Institute; Former US Secretary of the Treasury

Hank Paulson is founder and chairman of the Paulson Institute, which advances sustainable economic growth and investments in the US and China, and co-chair of the Aspen Economic Strategy Group. He was US treasury secretary from 2006 to 2009. Prior to that, Paulson was chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs, where he enjoyed a 32-year career. Earlier, he was a member of the White House Domestic Council and Pentagon staff assistant. Paulson chaired The Nature Conservancy’s board and founded and co-chaired its Asia-Pacific Council. He founded and chaired the Latin American Conservation Council and co-chaired the Risky Business Project, an initiative on the economic risks of climate change. Paulson authored the best-selling books On the Brink and Dealing with China.

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