Gideon Grinstein 0

Gideon Grinstein

President and Founder, Reut Institute; Author, Flexigidity: The Secret of Jewish Adaptability and the Challenge and Opportunity Facing Israel

Gideon Grinstein is a serial societal entrepreneur and founder and president of the Reut Institute, an Israeli nongovernmental research, strategy, and leadership group. Under his leadership, Reut led efforts focused on inclusive growth and resilience within the ISRAEL 15 Vision and created programs addressing the transformation of cities, affordable solutions to neglected societal problems, and 3D-printing and self-manufacturing. Grinstein was previously deputy director general of the Economic Cooperation Foundation, secretary of the Israeli delegation for the 2000 Camp David Peace Summit, and a head of strategic planning in the Israeli navy’s budgets and economics department. He is the author of Flexigidity: Secret of Jewish Adaptability

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