Aic24 Vasquez Edmerson

Edmerson Vasquez

Co-Founder and COO, NeoBroadband Inc.

Edmerson Vasquez is co-founder and COO of NeoBroadband, a multinational corporation with five divisions serving all cable television systems and broadband electronic equipment needs, including repair and recycling of electronic goods. Vasquez founded NeoBroadband in 2013, before the age of 30, growing it from six employees to over 100. Previously, he worked at International Cable, reaching the position of CEO by age 28. Vasquez founded the A4Austism Foundation and through NeoBroadband has worked with other organizations including the Miami Rescue Mission, the Dan Marino Foundation and Riverwalk Halfway House. His company has been recognized as the Small Business Association’s Exporter of the Year and one of GrowFL’s Companies to Watch, among others.

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