Gopinath Deepak Aif2017

Deepak Gopinath

Drummer, Shimon Robot and Friends

Deepak Gopinath is a roboticist, percussionist, and composer. He is currently pursuing his PhD in mechanical engineering at Northwestern University and at the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab, where he focuses on the development of shared-control paradigms for assistive robotics and mathematical formalisms for human-robot interactions. Prior to this, Gopinath worked with Dr. Gil Weinberg at Georgia Tech’s Center for Music Technology, developing control algorithms and music composition tools for the Wearable Drumming Prosthesis, thereby enhancing the musical expressivity of robotic drummers using human-inspired physical models for stroke generation. He has a professional diploma in music (composition and performance) from Berklee College of Music and was an active performer in New England.

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