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Daniel Promislow

Senior Scientist, Tufts University; Founder and Principal Investigator, Dog Aging Project

Daniel Promislow is a biogerontologist and senior scientist at Tufts University who has been working on the biology of aging for over 30 years. His research is focused on the question of why rates of aging differ among species and among individuals within species. Prior to Tufts, he was a professor in the University of Washington Department of Lab Medicine and Pathology and at University of Georgia’s Department of Genetics. Since 2008, Promislow has also been researching aging in dogs; he co-founded and leads the Dog Aging Project, a long-term study on biological and environmental factors that influence healthy aging in companion dogs. He has published over 170 scientific papers, including studies in fruit flies, yeast, mice, humans, marmosets and dogs.

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