Aic24 Gomez Ortigoza Danie

Danié Gómez-Ortigoza

Multimedia Artist and Founder, Journey of a Braid

Danié Gomez-Ortigoza is a Mexican-American multimedia artist. Her work includes performance, video and photography and explores identity, interconnectivity, ancestry and empathy. Gomez-Ortigoza’s ritualistic performances promote communal participation and assembly as she exposes the invisible thread that braids humanity together. Her artistic process utilizes the body and the act of braiding to reinforce commonality, intimacy and belonging. Gomez-Ortigoza is the co-founder of nonprofit The Bazaar for Good, part of Unidos to Give, which raises money for disadvantaged and marginalized children in Latin America. She is also a creative experience consultant for Mastercard’s platform and museums such as The Modern Fort Worth. A public speaker, Gomez-Ortigoza has addressed Women's Forum Mexico, Latin American Fashion Summit and The, among others.

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