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Colette Pichon Battle

Partner of Vision and Initiatives, Taproot Earth

Colette Pichon Battle is partner of vision and initiatives at Taproot Earth global climate-justice organization. Founder and executive director of Gulf Coast Center for Law and Policy for over 17 years, she is now a Southern Movement Assembly governance council member, co-chair of the national Water Equity and Climate Resilient Caucus with PolicyLink, an Ocean Justice Forum steering committee member, and a lead architect of Gulf South for a Green New Deal. Battle’s recognition includes the 2022 William O. Douglas award, Rachel's Network Catalyst award, and being named a 2019 Obama fellow. She is a member of the Kataly Foundation’s Environmental Justice Resourcing Collective, US Climate Action Network, Center for Constitutional Rights, Highlander Research Education Center, Healthy Gulf, and the Resilience Roadmap Project steering committee.

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