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Christo Grozev

CEO and Lead Investigator, Bellingcat

Christo Grozev is CEO and lead investigator with Bellingcat, a collective of researchers and citizen journalists pursuing open source and social media investigations. He focuses on security threats, extraterritorial clandestine operations, and the weaponization of information. Grozev’s recent investigations include the poisoners of Alexei Navalny in 2022, the assassin in the Berlin Tiergarten murder in 2019, and the suspects in the 2018 Novichok poisonings in the UK. Previously, Grozev authored investigative projects into the 2016 Montenegro failed coup, the 2015 shelling of Mariupol (Ukraine), and identification of key suspects in the downing of MH17. Grozev is a supervisory board member of Talpa Radio Holding. His honors include the European Prize for Investigative Journalism and two Emmys.

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