Aic23 Brad Sperber

Brad Sperber

Senior Policy Director, Keystone Policy Center

Brad Sperber is a senior policy director at Keystone Policy Center, designing and facilitating cross-sector dialogues, fact-finding processes, public involvement, and community engagement initiatives to assist leaders in solving shared problems. He has worked in the field of collaborative problem-solving for 25 years as a facilitator, mediator, strategist, trainer, and coach. Sperber was director of business-stakeholder engagement for the Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies from 1993 to 2000. Past projects include facilitating development of clinical-practice guidelines for responding to mass casualty incidents, helping public health authorities determine lessons learned in responding to the Ebola outbreak in the United States, development of standards for voluntary nutrition labeling, and developing recommendations for public health agencies to prepare for and respond to infectious disease outbreaks, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters.

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