Aif24 Tang Audrey

Audrey Tang

Taiwan’s 1st Digital Minister and Digital Democracy Pioneer

Audrey Tang is Taiwan’s 1st Digital Minister (2016-2024). During her tenure, she has helped shape Taiwan’s COVID-19 response, safeguard its 2024 elections from cyber-interference, pioneering participatory platforms like, Presidential Hackathon and Ideathon. Tang’s involvement in government began when, in 2014, she broadcasted the Sunflower Movement’s demands and helped resolve conflicts during its occupation of Taiwan’s legislature. Prior to that, she played a role in shaping “g0v” (gov-zero), a grassroots movement promoting transparency and civic engagement in Taiwan, and worked in open-source software, including revitalizing the Haskell and Perl programming languages. Tang was named to TIME’s “100 Most Influential People in AI” list in 2023.

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