Tulay Ariana Aif2020

Ariana Tulay

Youth Activist; Political Science and Philosophy Major, Northern Kentucky University

Ariana Tulay is a 19-year-old community activist from Louisville, Kentucky, and a sophomore at Northern Kentucky University, where she’s pursuing degrees in political science and philosophy, with a minor in social justice. Her mission is to elevate disenfranchised voices and help create change around systemic injustices. Her passions are bridging the socioeconomic gap of activism and raising cultural consciousness against ignorance. A spoken word artist, Tulay started her activism journey in high school, where she led student-teacher marches that promoted immigrant inclusivity. Today, she is often organizing, speaking, and nonviolently protesting; recently she was arrested for her protest and held for over 30 hours. Tulay intends to enroll in law school and become a law professor specializing in social-justice-originated reform.

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