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Anula Jayasuriya

Managing Director and Founder, EXXclaim Capital; Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy at Genomics Development, InvAscent

Anula Jayasuriya is an investor in life sciences and health care. She most recently formed EXXclaim Capital to capture the underinvested business opportunity in women’s health. She is managing director of Evolvence India Life Science (EILSF I), a private equity fund that she co-founded in 2007 to provide growth capital for companies in health care delivery, medical devices, and generic pharmaceuticals in India. A second fund, ILSF II, was raised in 2014 and is actively investing in the Indian health care sector. Jayasuriya began her health care investing career in 2001, working with TVM Capital and Skyline Ventures prior to founding or co-founding funds.

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